Latest news

The already troubled balance of Tharis has taken a great upset, as a brilliant radiance was seen above the elven quarter on a normal Springstime morning. Those who have since visited claim that the sylvan elves that once lived there are completely gone, and that only drow remain, in far greater numbers than before. Rumors abound as to why, ranging across a murderous drow spree, a mass exodus, a great elven curse, or similar magical trickery by the drow themselves. The truth is far harder to discern... As always, please feel free to check the updates on the boards and our facebook page!

-Nienne, das liche

Current spotlight: new races and archery!

Myself and Octothorpe have added in a bunch of new LA races - we now have minotaurs, yuan-ti, centaurs, the orcish subraces of orog and tanarukk, and the elven subrace of fey'ri. Additionally, archery is now live for use (subject to future damage tweaking) and is also available to rangers as an alternative feat tree to dual wield, for those who prefer ranged weaponry. Check out here and the helpfiles in-game for more details!