Latest news

Thanks to everyone for your patience during the recent server transfer and upgrade to new driver! While most of the major bugs are ironed out, we are still finding glitches here and there, in particular with certain spells and recent additions that may not have been on the transfer copy. Please let us know as you find any problems, we are doing our best to work on them as we go! You may also notice we are working towards some major updates and shifts in focus, to try and make the game more hospitable to different play styles. Some items of note either already installed, or potentially in the works:

-shifting our focus to roleplay encouraged/rewarded, rather than enforced;
-updates to core rules and PK rules to be easier to follow, and removal of artificial barriers such as levelcheck (help flag);
-either changing or removing HM status;
-streamlining equipment balance, and gating usage by area completion;
-new feedback tools, such as flag (feature) and character roleplay praises;
-new areas, and possibly a raised levelcap once sufficient content is introduced to support it;
-a new hybrid combat feat tree, and epic feats possibly transitioned to true prestige classes.

Obviously some of these will take time, but we have a lot now in the works with active coders. All suggestions and feedback will be considered so please let us know if you have ideas! As always, please feel free to check the updates on the forums, in-game boards and on our facebook page!

-Nienne, das liche

Current spotlight: warlocks and monks!

For those unaware, our two newest base classes available for play are warlock and monk.

Warlocks are mortal beings whose souls are suffused with perilous magic, bound by supernatural means to a being from a plane beyond. They are granted dark and chaotic powers by this bond, and enact (either willingly or unknowingly) the intentions of their patron upon the prime. Their abilities are powerful, but limited in diversity, and are often viewed with suspicion by normal people.

Monks are enlightened warriors, able through their training and sheer discipline to transcend many of the bodily limitations that hamper other mortals. They pursue a mastery of martial combat, gaining an expertise of using their body as a weapon, and can manipulate both their own life energy, or 'ki', and that of others.

We hope you enjoy playing these classes!