Feats and skills

Feats and skills represent enhancements to the character as they gain levels, allowing two characters of the same class and race to be completely different in strengths and weaknesses. Certain classes gain free feats as they level, while each class has a bonus aptitude at four specific skills most common to them.

Currently available feat trees
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Feats can be expensive to buy, but offer one of the most powerful character advancement methods in the game. Most feats improve your in-combat abilities, although a few instead offer general enhancements or non-combat abilities. They come in a variety of forms; some are passive and always active, while others require direct commands for situational use. The most powerful feats have pre-requisites, disallowing their use until lower-rank feats have been bought, or certain character/class levels or attributes are gained.

All classes offer free feats during level advancement; most are pre-defined, although certain classes instead grant either a martial, spellcraft, or hybrid feat of choice. In addition, a total of fourteen feats are available with your overall character level, regardless of class taken. Overall levelling feats can be bought at first level, and every three levels after this; if the level at which a feat is bought is lost, it will deactivate until that level is regained.

Summary of available skills
Skill DCs and character aptitude
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Skills represent overall character aptitudes that are usually separate from combat, although many also offer some kind of combat benefit. A character's general alertness or stamina, as well as their skills at lockpicking, crafting, and knowledge of academia, are only a few of the areas that are covered. Those familiar with third or fourth edition DnD will find our system a hybrid of the two, with less overall skills to reduce confusion, but less points awarded also during levelling. Intelligence does not grant bonus points per level, but influences far more skills than any other stat.

All classes have a set of four skills at which they are naturally adept. Characters gain one point for every two levels in a class skill, and one point for every five levels in a non-class skill. These are in addition to the relevant stat modifier of that skill. This base allocation is only a reflection of the base character's aptitudes, however; beyond this, a character is able to specialize in any field they see fit. Every two levels will confer four free points (six for thief and bard) which can be applied at will to skills that are most desired by the character, up to a maximum of half their overall level.

For example: Keith is a tenth level bard, with 16 (+3 modifier) in charisma, dexterity and intelligence. Just from levelling, he already has five free points in academics, disguise, influence and spellcraft, and an extra 3 bonus points in each due to the related stats. He can also spend up to half his level (5 points) in any of these skills, bringing them up to a maximum of 13 at his current level. Keith has decided he would like to excel at stealth as well, however. He has only two free points from levelling, as stealth is not a class skill, as well as +3 from his dexterity, and he can add up to 5 points further from the ones he is given to spend. So, he can gain a maximum of 10 points in stealth.